Saturday, June 25, 2016

Meet Mister Kitty

    We met Mister Kitty on August 21 2015 when we bought our van, he was living at the car dealership along with a few extra kittens. He was charming everyone at the car dealership by rubbing their legs and meowing - a bit unusual for a kitten. He also looked unique with his big fluffy tail. I asked our salesman Mike, if we could have the kitten he said yes, you can have any of them.  They had a litter of  kittens, there at the dealership for about a month and wanted them gone.
Since Clay was getting a new car and with the help of the saleman ,who turned to my  my husband, "You are taking that cat home, you know" as he saw me outside playing with the sweet little kitten. He did come home along with a new van!
We brought him to the vet and $600 later fleas, mites, etc.. we had him all doctored up to be our inside cat. He does go outside now to his delight,  on a leash and even uses the dog lead. Years before,  I had ran into a Maine Coon cat. Guess what I did?  I called the local game warden as I thought it was a bob cat. Why? Because Maine Coons get REALLY BIG and LOOK like a wild cats. Mister Kitty had the big ears, paws, fluffy tail - he looked more like a Maine Coon and the super friendly nature made me really suspicious that this wasn't the normal cat he was way too friendly.   My vet did confirm the breed- Yes, he's a Maine Coon. The personality is what draws people  to this breed as they are super friendly and act like a dog. They also get really and I mean really really big. They can weigh as much as 30 lbs and believe it or not they can actually weigh 10 lbs too. Mister Kitty was a kitten when we got him and so I suspect he's about a year old now. The last time I set him on the scale he was 10 lbs.  It takes them 5 years to get to their full weight. I know the vet, said he was a Maine coon but I have to wonder if there is a chance he isn't ALL Maine Coon - maybe just part although he does look 100% and the vet confirmed it.  I mean , he was a stray. After living in a rural area and seeing breeders everywhere. I have bought a few pedigree dogs and raised boston terriers,  myself.  A lot depends on a breeder. People go to court when their 2lb yorkie ends up being 20. It has to do with  the ethics of a good breeder to make positive sure the line is good. On the other side, I am a lot like Ellie on The Beverly HillBillies and have found that if you spend lots and lots of time with any animal you will be surprised at the tricks and things any animal  will do but it is true they have to have the will and mental smarts to be able. Being a Maine Coon was a bonus I love Mister Kitty either way he's just fun.

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